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DSBC Trading allows commodities to be treated as currencies, thereby enabling their use in all forms of banking transactions where appropriate. Mechanisms are provided which allow the bank to purchase quantities of commodities for stock. These stocks can then either be maintained as support for digital commodities or be resold to clients wanting to hold the physical commodity.

Digital commodities have specific advantages depending on organisational goals and local legislation. Physical commodity can be purchased by the bank and then marked up insofar as its rate to the US Dollar is concerned so that the bank is guaranteed a profit on any exchanges between commodities and other commodities or currencies.

In effect, this turns DSBCNet into a closed trading floor in which customers can trade but only against the bank. Customers can transfer commodities to other customers as payment for debt and the amount to be transferred can be expressed in any currency or commodity – DSBC will perform the appropriate exchange calculations and display the result as part of the payment confirmation process.

The bank can control how its customers make payments to each other through the use of transfer rules. These describe what can be transferred from which accounts and whether the back-office staff must authorise the transfer. Banks wishing to prevent trading of commodities on their DSBC platforms can institute clearance days for incoming credits.

Thus, a purchase of a commodity can lead to a requirement that the purchased amount of that commodity be held for a specific minimum period of time before it can be used in a payment or other debit transaction.

Finally, DSBCNet offers a simple mechanism for offering for sale products such as bars, coins or other collectible physical quantities of a commodity, including the display of images of the item. DSBC – a great banking system which recognises the value of commodities as a hedge against currency weaknesses.

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